How Do You Use Mothballs Around The House?

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1 Answer

Mothballs contain naphthalene or paradichlorobenzene, both of which kill moths and their larvae. When mothballs are used in small, sealed spaces, such as closets or storage chests, the fumes are powerful enough to eliminate moths. The smell of mothballs generally is offensive to most animals and is a good repellent. Here's some ideas for bringing mothballs out of the closet for use around the house. Exterminate pests on houseplants with mothballs. Set the infested plant into a large plastic bag. Add a few mothballs and seal the bag tightly for one week. Remove the bug-free plant, and discard the plastic bag and mothballs. Keep mice from wintering in the storage shed, playhouse or garage. Toss a few mothballs into the corners of the structure to ward off rodents. Repel the bats in your belfry by scattering a few mothballs around the attic. Tuck a few mothballs into storage boxes to prevent silverfish gathering. Tell dogs, cats and rabbits to keep out of vegetable and flower gardens. ... more
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