How Do You Use Plastic Grocery Bags Around The House?

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1 Answer

Plastic grocery bags came on the scene in 1955. Today, four of every five grocery bags are plastic, creating the need for recycling programs at the supermarkets as well as other uses for the bags at home. The following list gives you several ways to use plastic grocery bags around the house. Puff up a curtain valance with plastic grocery bags. Give them a shake to add some air, gently ball them up and stuff them into the valance. Stuff a craft project by adding some plastic grocery bags. Add a few in addition to fabric filler, beans, rice, pantyhose and other stuffing. Gather up all the bath toys in a plastic grocery bag. Punch a few holes in the bottom of the bag so the water can drain and the toys can stay fresh, mildew-free and gathered in one place for next time. Prevent steel wool from rusting. Place the used steel wool pad in a plastic grocery bag where the air can't reach it and it can't rust. Fill empty purses with plastic grocery bags to retain their shape, while they wait ... more
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