How Do You Use Sandbags To Prevent Flooding?

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1 Answer

Sandbags are the most commonly used barrier during flooding since they are simple to use. The most dangerous part of using sandbags is actually lifting them; they can get pretty heavy, especially if they are soaked at the time of movement. Creating a sandbag wall does not guarantee that water will not flow through, but the bags will at least absorb some of the water and block more water from passing through it once they become soaked. Put on your gloves and protective goggles. Burlap sandbags can be irritating after a while, and you do not want to risk getting sand in your eyes. Two people should be involved, and both should wear protective gear. Hold the bag in both hands with legs open, shoulder width apart. The person holding the bag will prevent injury if he holds the bag properly and stands correctly. Fold the top of the bag down several times to create a collar about 1/3 of the way down. Pour the sand into the bag with the shovel until it is filled to the folded collar height. ... more
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