How Do You Use Scarves On Sliding Glass Doors?

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1 Answer

Decorating a sliding glass door--even if you use it often as an entrance and exit--is similar to decorating a large picture window. Create an easy and inexpensive treatment with window scarves. These are long lengths of sheer or double-sided fabric, with either side suitable for display. Combine the scarves with sheer curtain panels or use them alone as an accent above the sliding glass door. Mount a decorative drapery rod for hanging the window scarf and you are nearly finished dressing your sliding glass door. Mount the drapery rod so that it is level and centered; Use a rod that can extend 6 inches on either side of the sliding glass door. Position the drapery rod at least 3 inches above the top wood molding or above the curtain rod of the sheer panels (if applicable). Drill a small hole and use long wood screws or drywall anchors to ensure the drapery rod is secure. Use the rope to measure the length of the scarf needed. Place the rope around the sliding glass door in the same ... more
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