How Do You Use Soda Can Tabs In Tabistry To Make A Necklace?

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1 Answer

Tabistry is the made up definition that stands for the art of using soda can tabs to create larger items. Often people use soda can tabs to create pieces of clothing of jewelry. These projects are a great accompaniment to aluminum can crafts. No longer do you have to use the can and throw out the little tab, or worse yet try to recycle pop can tabs for their measly less than a penny worth. The most simple tabistry project is to create a simple choker necklace. Stretch out a strip of ribbon or a cord of your preference to get started on your soda can tabs necklace. Rough hemp can make a great male choker while soft, colorful ribbon makes a lovely woman's choker. Measurements will vary based on your own throat; start with a fairly long ribbon first and determine what size works for you. Hold one edge of the ribbon up and place it through one of the holes as shown in the photo. Bring the ribbon over the middle ridge on the soda can tab and pull it down through the other hole. The smooth ... more
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