How Do You Use Spiral Hair Curlers?

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1 Answer

To get the spiral look without a perm, you need to use some spiral curlers. Here's a couple tips on how to do just that. Be sure to start your curling adventure with the supplies you need, and make sure your hair is damp. Please clamp your hair into several sections away from the hair stands that you are trying to roll. Begin at the end of your hair and roll it slowly in a coil pattern around each of the spiral rollers. It is important to have your hair damp, and you may need to use a water spray to moisten the strands as you go. The spiral curl roller should end up being nearly straight up and down not sideways or horizontal. This is the best method for the curl to spiral down as you want it. Allow your hair to dry naturally, to avoid straggly hair and take the spiral curlers out slowly without tugging on them. If you pull to hard the curl will not remain in the spiral hold. Then very lightly spray your dried spiral curled hair to keep the look all day. more
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