How Do You Use Statistics To Predict NFL Football Games?

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1 Answer

Predicting NFL football games can be a very daunting task but, with proper use of the statistics and knowing what to look for, it can be done with a modicum of success. Here are some tips to increase your winning percentage. The first thing to look at is to go to NFl.com and compare the overall statistics of each team. Wins and losses are certainly something to look at but do not put much stock in this. Every NFL team has the capability to beat any other NFL team regardless of wins and losses, so do not let this be your only gauge. Passing yards and running yards are a better indicator of success or failure. If one of the teams is a great rushing team, and the other team is last against the rush, then this is a telling statistic. The same goes for the passing game. Look at these 2 categories and see who has the advantage and how big of one. If you have 2 teams where one team is a better rushing team, then generally go with the rushing team. The passing game is easier to control than ... more
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