How Do You Use Vinegar As A Feminine Wash?

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Vinegar makes a great vaginal or feminine wash that's free from chemicals and artificial ingredients. Vinegar has been used throughout history as a disinfectant from the days of Ancient Rome to the Middle Ages. It was used to kill bacteria in drinking water and to cure diseases. Try this home remedy as an alternative to artificial douching. Buy a bottle of vinegar. Any good quality cooking vinegar will do for vaginal washing. No specific brand is necessary. But choose one that isn't too strong. Set aside a dipper for washing. Go the bathroom. Fill the dipper with warm water. Do not use hot, scalding water. Pour a little vinegar into the water. You can use 1-2 capfuls to start with. It depends on the strength of the vinegar, the amount of water and your own tolerance. Sit comfortably and get ready to wash. Hold the dipper in one hand. With the other hand, open the vaginal lips. Slowly pour the mixture so it flows from the front to the back of your genitals. Pause and check how you ... more
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