How Do You Use Wax On Glass Shower Doors?

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1 Answer

If you have glass shower doors in your bathroom, you know that they can be hard to keep clean due to the soap scum and mildew build up. Even when you do keep them clean, they can develop water spots as they dry after a shower. But there is an easy way to make water and dirt slide off of glass shower doors without causing build up or water spots. The method is by applying ordinary car wax to glass shower doors. Here is how to use wax on glass shower doors. The first step is to thoroughly clean the shower and glass shower doors with a tub and tile cleaner. Make sure to get every part of the glass shower doors. Thoroughly dry the inside and outside of the glass shower doors with a towel to remove all traces of moisture. Next, clean the inside and outside of the glass shower doors with a glass cleaner. This is to get rid of any remaining soap scum and provide a clean shiny finish to the glass shower doors. Using a clean rag, apply any brand of car wax to the inside of the glass shower ... more
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