How Do You Vent A Clothes Dryer In An Interior Room?

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1 Answer

It is important to vent a dryer to reduce moisture emitted from the dryer, which can cause mold. Lint that is blown out of the dryer vent will be inhaled by anyone who is in the interior room and will cause respiratory issues. Interior rooms do not have access to windows or an exterior wall that would traditionally be used for dryer venting. Fortunately, there is a solution to vent a dryer in an interior room. Purchase an indoor dryer vent kit. These are available at many home improvement stores and online. Mount the dryer vent kit on the wall using a screw driver. Make sure it is not too far away from the dryer hose. Put water in the vent kit's container. Follow the instructions that are included with the vent kit to determine how much water should be used. If no instructions are available, fill it half way full. Push the dryer's hose into the hole in the top of the vent kit's container. The lint leaving the dryer through the hose will become trapped in the water. Turn the dryer on ... more
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