How Do You View 8MM Films Without A Projector?

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1 Answer

Kodak created 8mm film for use by consumers in 1932, and its use peaked through the 1950s. Few people have an 8mm movie projector, and so watching an 8mm film today is difficult. But there are two alternatives to using a projector-- getting a film editor that lets you watch the film, and having the film converted into a DVD for use in today's video players. Purchase a portable 8mm film editor from a camera or film supply store, online at a Web store or through a private dealer. Place the 8mm film into a reel that is then placed on a hub to the left of the small screen in the middle of the 8mm film editor. Turn on the small bulb that illuminates the screen. Thread the film beneath the screen in a film-sized frame so that it emerges to the right of the screen. Place the film into another reel, this one placed on a hub to the right of the screen. Turn a crank connected to one of the reels in order to move the film from one side to the other. Turning the crank on the right side moves the ... more
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