How Do You Waterproof Cinder Block Basement Walls?

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1 Answer

Your cinder block basement wall must be waterproofed to provide a proper home environment, otherwise water will seep in through the walls of your basement. This water can cause structural damage and grow mold. By waterproofing your basement, you will be preventing health dangers and also costly repairs due to structural damage caused by water. Waterproofing can be done easily before it is too late. Following the proper steps will ensure a correct waterproofing of your basement cinder block wall. Patch any holes in the basement cinder block wall with your hydraulic cement. Push the cement into the cracks and crevices making sure to pack and seal. The cement becomes hard quickly so be sure to be time-efficient. Allow the cement to dry before proceeding (usually 24 hours). Paint the cinder block walls with Sundry or DryLoc paint. Using your masonry brush, dip into the paint and stroke in any direction on the wall to cover the wall completely with paint. Allow it to dry 12 hours in ... more
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