How Do You Winterize A Home Crawl Space?

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2 Answers

Crawl spaces are generally cut off from a home's heating system. Because of this, they can end up housing cold air during the winter, which seeps into the rest of the house, causing higher heating bills and cold drafts. However, a properly winterized crawl space can provide a layer of insulating air during the winter that actually will help keep your home warmer. By taking a few precautions, you can use your crawl space to your advantage. Open the crawl space vents until cold winter weather arrives. If the vents are closed during the warm months, humidity can build up in the crawl space, which can lead to mold and other moisture-related damage. Close the vents when temperatures start to drop regularly into the 30s. Cold air is drier than warm air and moisture shouldn't build up in the crawl space during the winter even if the vents are closed. Seal the vents. If a vent leaks air through cracks around its perimeter, taking the time and effort to close crawl space vents won't do much ... more
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I should think insulation is the key in order to make sure any space, whether a crawl space or storage space, in your home is safe from changes in the weather. Insulation generally is to keep the heat or cold out and the space that you're insulating should be able to better maintain its original temperature.

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