How Do You Winterize A Park Model RV?

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2 Answers

A park model camper or RV can provide enjoyment during the summer months but it can quickly become a headache when the temperatures dip below freezing. Finding a leak in the plumbing system in your RV in the spring is enough to spoil the fun of your first camping trip of the season. Winterizing your RV is a simple process that can prevent problems with the plumbing system and save you time and money. Turn off the hot water heater. Remove the fuse or turn the breaker off as a precaution. This will prevent damage to the water heater element. Locate the plug or pull valve. It will be located on or near the water heater. Drain the hot water tank. Locate the pressure relief valve and open it. This allows air to enter the tank as the water exits. Locate the hot water heater bypass valves. The upper and lower valves should be closed. The middle valve should be opened. Bypassing the hot water heater will reduce the cost of winterizing. If you bypass the hot water heater you will not have to ... more
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