How Do You Winterize Sliding Glass Doors?

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1 Answer

Beautiful sliding glass doors are a joy in the summer. We're often in and out of the house, and with screens, the glass is left open to allow fresh air to blow through. Then winter arrives, and the slider is closed and locked. Yet we notice that it's cold by the slider, for glass is a poor insulator. Heat in the house is lost by convection when air passes by the cold glass and some of its warmth is transfered to the glass; then by conduction through the glass itself, and again by convection to the air outside. What can be done to insulate glass? Insulation is really the act of trapping air around an area. The insulation in your walls is trapping air, and the blanket on your bed traps air around you so that warmth doesn't escape. Let's trap the air by the glass. Storm windows would do the job if we could mount them so the slider would still work, thus making a triple pane window. That's also expensive. Let's use clear plastic. But there's a big stretch in price, clarity, and lifespan ... more
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