How Do You Wire A Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Switch?

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1 Answer

Ceiling fans are great for keeping the temperature even in your home and can dramatically reduce your demand for air conditioning. But what good is a ceiling fan if its switch is broken? Since Harbor Breeze is one of the most commonly purchased brands of ceiling fans on the market, here is how to wire a Harbor Breeze ceiling fan switch. Turn off the circuit that delivers power to the ceiling fan. Unscrew and remove the three screws that keep the switch canopy in place. Gently pull the canopy down to open it. Test the interior wiring for any signs of voltage using the touch-type voltage tester. Remove any dangles that may be attached to the pull chain. Remove the cap that secures the pull-chain switch to the canopy. Set the canopy aside. Remove the wire connectors that connect the two wires from the pull-chain switch to the motor's wiring harness. Connect the new pull-chain switch's two wires to the two wires the old switch was connected to. Make sure the wire connectors are on tight, ... more
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