How Do You Wire Wrap Faceted Gemstones?

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1 Answer

Faceted gemstones are popular centerpieces for pendants and other types of jewelry, and they can be used to create one-of-a-kind pieces of wearable art. Some faceted gemstone jewelry uses "claws" to hold the stones in place. Unfortunately, the stones can work loose and become lost. Wire wrapping stones is an alternative that provides extra security and added aesthetic value. Measure the depth of the faceted stone. The number of pieces of 20-gauge square soft wire needed will depend on the depth of the stone. Cut as many 8-inch pieces of 20-gauge soft wire as needed to equal the depth of the stone. Lay them side by side. Tape each end of the bundle to secure them. Measure the midpoint, and mark it with a felt-tip pen. Fold 1/16 inch of the 22-gauge half-round wire with the flat-nosed pliers. Place it slightly off center on the bundle, and wrap it around the bundle to bind it. Typically, six turns are sufficient. Cut the half-round wire. With the flat-nosed pliers, fold it over on the ... more
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