How Do You Write A Black History Speech?

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1 Answer

Writing a black history speech can be a great way to convey the contributions of African-Americans to American society. However, because of the sheer volume of information, it can be challenging to write a concise speech that gets your message across to your audience. Outlining what you want to say and choosing specific aspects of black history will help you to write a speech that is both entertaining and informational. Conduct research on your topic. An online search is the best place to start, with sites like biography.com/blackhistory and blackhistory.com, both of which provide a great deal of useful information. The public library will have books on figureheads in African-American culture and resources that will allow to make a timeline of events in black history, from the first slaves to come to America up to the election of President Barack Obama. Outline your speech. Utilize a traditional outline format or, if you are feeling stumped for particular points, do it as you would ... more
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