How Do You Write A Jury Duty Excuse Letter?

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1 Answer

Sometimes special circumstances require you to write a jury duty excuse letter to explain your circumstances to the court of why you won't be able to fulfill your civic responsibilities. A jury duty excuse letter should be formal and contain a good explanation. Follow the steps below to make sure that you write a proper jury duty excuse letter. Calling the clerk of courts in your area to discuss whether or not your circumstance is a valid one should be your first move when looking to write a jury duty excuse letter. You most likely don't want to waste your time drafting a letter when your excuse will just be shot down. Some examples of valid excuses are medical situations, caregiving responsibilities to children or vulnerable adults, or having a job which it is more important for you to be there such as a doctor or firefighter. Following your conversation with the clerk of courts that your excuse is valid you'll need to begin actually writing your jury duty excuse letter. You'll want ... more
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