How Do You Write A Personal Statement For A Masters In Healthcare Administration?

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1 Answer

Getting into Graduate School for a Masters in Healthcare Administration is no easy feat. There are specialized tests such as the GREs or the GMAT, along with certain undergraduate GPA requirements, to demonstrating your interest through community service work that sets certain candidates apart from the rest. Another way to let the admissions board and the college get a better idea of who you are is by introducing yourself through the personal statement. Generally a requirement for a Graduate application, this statement puts a voice to your name and lets you illustrate your goals, experience and desire for seeking out such a program. It also lets the admissions board see how serious you are and if would be a good fit with their school and its Masters in Healthcare Administration program. Here's how to write a personal statement for such a program. Write out why you want to study Healthcare Administration, including a discussion of whyat you want to get out of the classes offered ... more
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