How Do You Write A Probable Cause Statement?

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1 Answer

When petitioning a court for a search warrant regarding criminal activity, you must prove probable cause before a judge will issue an official warrant. Without an issued search warrant, you cannot search any private property where criminal activity is suspected. Probable cause statements must be completed accurately by an arresting officer or an officer working on the given case. They vary slightly from state to state in terms of their format, but in each state, the general basics are the same. Obtain the probable cause statement form from the courthouse or police station. Fill out the probable cause statement form accurately and precisely. Forms will ask you to fill out the offenses the suspect has been arrested for or is suspected of, your involvement in the case, and the specific information and details of the case which you believe are grounds for a probable cause. In a simplified explanation, the statement is a who, what, where, when and how of the case and charges against the ... more
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