How does a bottle jack work?


A bottle jack is a compact powerful hydraulic device for temporarily exerting great lifting or spreading force. The force of pumping the jack handle by hand is converted to hydraulic pressure within the jack. This hydraulic pressure results in forceful extension of the jack piston.UsesSmall bottle jacks are inexpensive and readily available, and are often used to lift cars. Larger ones can lift up to 100 tons. Bottle jacks can be used horizontally when spreading force is needed. Bottle jacks can be incorporated into machines like cranes for lifting from above.How to Use a Bottle JackThe jack is positioned and the pressure release valve is closed. The ram (an extension to take up slack) is unscrewed from the large cylinder. The handle is pumped to raise the ram and lift the load. To lower the load, the jack handle is placed over the release valve and slowly turned counterclockwise.HydraulicsBottle jacks are hydraulic. They depend on movement of pressurized fluid. Pumping the jack handle