How Does a Chainsaw Automatic Oiler Work?

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1 Answer

Why Are the Bar and Chain Oiled? The bar and chain on a chainsaw need to be oiled because of the considerable friction involved in operating a chain saw. If you look at the chain and bar, you can easily see there is a lot of metal-to-metal contact. Energy that is expended in overcoming the friction of the chain traveling over the bar is not used in cutting wood, and may even result in damaging the chain. The Automatic Oiler The automatic oiler pumps out a constant-but-small volume of oil onto the bar and chain, through a small outlet in the bar itself. The oil is contained in its own tank, and most chainsaws are designed so that the oil and gas will run out in tandem. Therefore, it is very important to check your oil level when refilling your gas tank on a chainsaw. The oil is distributed by the chain itself, as it moves along the length of the entire chain, keeping it lubricated, despite heavy friction and the build-up of dust and oil. Chainsaw Oil Oil that is too thin will fly off ... more
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