How does a person get pancreatic cancer?

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How does a person get pancreatic cancer?

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Robert Reny

Symptoms are rarely noticeable in the initial stage, which is why pancreatic cancer is often referred as “silent” disease.
The most common symptom’s are-

-Stomach pain
-Loss of appetite
-Weight loss

These symptoms are usually ignored, and are discovered at a later stage, which at a time is not treatable.
Until now, there is only one experimental therapy carried out so far to treat Pancreatic Cancer.
The experimental therapy included use of two drugs – Trametinib and Hydroxychloroquine. These drugs have the potential to slow down the process of abnormal cell division as well as growth caused by a genetic mutation, increasing a patient’s life span.
This therapy was carried on 66-year-old Gordon Chamberlain, read his
Survival story about pancreatic cancer


I believe that the main cause of cancer is constant stressful situations, imbalances in the nervous system, etc. Unfortunately, very few people care about their emotional state. People should at least periodically use sedatives, preferably on an organic basis, such as At least you will be more resistant to stress.


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It is due to radiation and other detrimental things like alcohol. very bad thing, sincerely (

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