How Does a Pop-up Camper Work?

camper pop-up

Pop-Up Campers Pop-up campers are really fold-down campers on wheels that are hitched up behind a vehicle and can be taken on camping trips and for traveling. These campers can sleep from four to six people. Base of Pop-Up Camper The pop-up camper base is a rectangular box on a trailer unit that has beds, mini-refrigerator, storage areas, showers, toilets and some cooking appliances. The canvas and the hard-sided room will protect the travelers from the weather. After arriving at the destination, the pop-up camper usually is expanded into two large wings (which are the heavy canvases). This is done by using a crank to raise the camper wings. The wings serve as the sleeping areas. Water Supply Pop-up campers usually come with a fresh water tank and waste water tank. Depending on the campsite, there may be little to no water support, so having a fresh water tank can be the difference between a happy camping experience and a frustrating one.