How Does a Screw Jack Work?

Jack screw

Basics A screw jack is a mechanism that lifts heavy objects. Jacks are used frequently in raising cars so that a tire can be changed. A screw jack is commonly used with cars but is also used in many other ways, including industrial machinery and even airplanes. They can be short, tall, fat, or thin depending on the amount of pressure they will be under and the space that they need to fit into. The jack is made out of various types of metal, but the screw itself is generally made out of lead. The Screw The screw has a thread designed to withstand an enormous amount of pressure. This is due to the fact that it is generally holding up heavy objects for an extended amount of time. Once up, they normally self lock so that they won’t fall if the operator lets go, and they hold up well to the wear of repeated use. If they are made with a ball nut, they will last longer because there is less friction created with this type of jack. However, they will not self lock. This can be dangerous and ha