How Does a Stylus Pen Work?

Pen stylus

The Ballpoint Pen Side One defining characteristic of a stylus pen is that it has a working ink pen. Many stylus pens use ballpoint technology. To make the pen work, ink is loaded into a pressurized tube capped on one end and sealed by a small metal roller ball on the other. The roller ball acts as a cap of its own, sealing off the end of the ink tube to keep the ink fresh and retained in the cylinder. When the user writes with the pen side of the stylus, the roller ball is pressed against a writing surface such a paper or fabric. As the ball moves along the writing surface, it rotates to leave a trail of ink. When the pen is not in use, it can be capped to prevent unintentional marks. Dual Purposes When the cap is removed and placed over the stylus end (exposing the roller ball for writing), the cap provides additional weight to the end of the pen for proper balance and an improved writing experience. When the ink portion of the stylus is not in use, the cap is placed over the roller