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An egg incubator mimics the conditions required for birds or reptiles to hatch their eggs. They are basically well ventilated boxes which can keep going the ideal temperature and humidity for developing embryos. Birds generally turn their eggs during the incubation term and the more sophisticated incubators will offer this option. Basic models require you to turn the eggs by hand. As hen's eggs require turning at lest three times a morning this is a pretty labour intensive process. Although eggshells are robust and have powerful anti-bacterial properties handling them risks damage. The eggs are usually stored within the incubator at an angle of about 30 degrees, again this mimics conditions in a nest. Some are ventilate by fans and other just by holes. All must be sited carefully to avopid fast changes in temperature. While a thermostatically controlled incubator can guard against sudden drops contained by temperature the effect of string sunlight overheating the eggs could be ... more
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