How does an endometrial biopsy work?

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1 Answer

An endometrial biopsy is most often done in the doctor's office. A speculum is put into your vagina so that your doctor can see your uterus. A thin tube is put into your uterus, and a sample of the lining is taken. Most women have only a little pain during the procedure. Ibuprofen taken one hour before the biopsy helps. The biopsy takes about five minutes. You may notice some bleeding afterward, and that is normal. If you have any pain, bleeding that doesn't stop or a bad-smelling discharge, call your doctor right away. Pregnant women shouldn't get a biopsy. If you think you could be pregnant, tell your doctor. How is endometrial cancer treated? Endometrial cancer is usually treated with surgery to take out the uterus and the ovaries. During the surgery, the doctor will look to see if the cancer has spread outside the uterus. If it has, your doctor may treat you with hormones, radiation or chemotherapy. When the cancer is found and treated early, the cure rate is better than 90%. ... more
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