How does centrelink investigate fraud?

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1 Answer

The general public are encouraged to contact Centrelink if they think they have information that will help in the detection of incorrect payments to Centrelink customers. Call the Australian Government Services Fraud Tip-off line on 13 1524. You can also provide the information online through the Centrelink webpage. Centrelink is required to investigate all reports made. While Centrelink's investigating officers are able to do a great deal with a small amount of information, the more details, the better. The more information we get the more likely we are to successfully investigate any matter. The information you provide to Centrelink is looked at and sent to the appropriate investigating area. Most go to the Area Office Compliance Review Teams with the exception of dual and multiple identity investigation cases and internal fraud cases, which go to the Identity Fraud Team at Centrelink's National Support Office. If you're interested, the policy guide that Centrelink officers follow ... more
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