How does Country Music effect today's society??

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I think country has a good effect on society. I am from the country, I don't live there anymore, but it reminds me of how things are and brings back a lot of memories. It is about everyday people doing everyday things-the bars you go to, the people you have lost, your dreams, your loves, your friends. It is good stuff. Some is depressing, some is uplifting. It is music-all music affects society, I think country gives everyday country people something to relate to besides urban hip hop, rap, heavy metal, and pop. Different Music for different People. As far as society as a whole, I think that for the most part country singers are fairly wholesome-they aren't in the tabloids for drugs and whatever (not saying they don't & they are all perfect!) but their images tend to be cleaner than a lot of people's so it gives the younger generations people to look up to. The majority of them have their acts together-and are just all around good people. more
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