How Does DTP Work?


Touching the change zone at the bottom of the display allows the user to enter a point name. After a point has been entered, the Process Variable (PV),Setpoint (SP),Output (OP), Mode and Description are displayed for the point entered. Only the parameters that exist will be displayed. If the PV, SP, and OP parameters exist, the parameters are trended automatically in the trend display. At the top of the display, a color code of parameters being trended are displayed along with a designation to inform the user whether or not the data is real-time (RT), historical (HM), or being provided via the highway gateway (HG). The user may also enter an auxillary point to trend in the display. The auxillary point’s Process Variable (PV) will then be displayed and will be white in color in the trend. Other Useful Information – Once the points of interest have been entered into the DTP display, the user is now provided with trends of the point parameters that exist. Along with the common PV, SP, OP,