How does E-Cash Work?


E-Cash is based on a very simple premise. When the player deposits money into the E-Cash service, then he/she can use the money deposited to conduct a number of online transactions without revealing information to the vendor. This has made it very popular among people from around the world, especially for use when gambling online. The way that E-Cash works is relatively simple. Users simply register on the website to open an account with the E-Cash provider. This account involves entering some personal details and is subject to approval. The approval and activation process for E-Cash usually takes a few minutes, since they do not need to verify financial details. Once the account is approved, the user can then make deposits. In order to make deposits, there are a number of options available, including credit cards, other e-wallet services, other E-Cash accounts and even bank transfers. Making a deposit is fairly simple; however sometimes there is a fees that is charged in order to make