How does Forskolin aid Weight Loss?

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1 Answer

In vitro studies show that forskolin stimulates lipolysis (breaking down of fats) in fat cells. Additionally, scientists at the Penn State University College of Medicine have found that many obese people have lower than normal cAMP production. Based on these findings and in vitro studies, scientists theorized that forskolin might be an effective weight loss agent, especially for those with impaired cAMP production. Studies Six overweight women took 25 mg of forskolin (250 mg capsules of 10% standardized forskolin extract) twice daily for eight weeks. At the end of the eight-week trial, the participants lost a mean of ten pounds, and reduced their percentage of body fat by nearly 8%. Blood pressure levels also were lower during the trial. These preliminary results indicate that forskolin may be a safe, useful adjunct to losing weight and maintaining normal body composition. more
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