How does latitude and longitude work?

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Latitude and longitude are a system of geometrical coordinates used in designating the location of places on the surface of the earth. Latitude gives the location of a place north or south of the equator, while longitude gives the location of a place east or west of a north-south line called the prime meridian. See our tutorial on latitude and longitude for further information. You can search for maps and images on TerraServer using latitude and longitude coordinates with the Advanced Find Web page. You can obtain latitude and longitude coordinates for a location using GPS devices, and many maps show them as well. How do I find a location using a street address? You can search for images and maps on TerraServer using an address. Currently, TerraServer supports searching of U.S. addresses only. To search for an image or map at a specific address, click on the Advanced Find link in the blue toolbar located at the top of each TerraServer web page. On the Advanced Find page, click on the ... more
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