How does Malware or Malicious links get into websites?

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1 Answer

There are many ways in which malware or malicious links could get into a website. Attackers may exploit vulnerabilities in web server or web applications to infect websites. Here are some of them, • Exploiting Web Server Vulnerabilities • Using default FTP passwords or weak passwords on the website hosting server will easily enable the hacker to gain access to the website files and infect them. • Exploiting SQL injection vulnerabilities may give the hacker complete access to the website content if the data is fetched from a database. Once hacker has access to the database, can infect the website. • Exploiting XSS vulnerabilities such as inadequate input validations can provide the hacker an easy way for infecting the websites. Inadequate input validations may enable the hackers to insert malicious scripts or links through the front-end. • Through infectious Third-Party Content. For Ex.Free widgets from other websites may contain links to malware. • Through infectious advertising ... more
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