How Does Media Perpetuate Stereotypes?

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Think about stereotypes you encounter in your daily life. It doesn't need to be limited to racial stereotypes. Explore the following websites: A Century of Abuse: Ethnic Images on Screen The Harm of Native Stereotyping Arab and Muslim Stereotyping Racism & Hispanic Culture Task: Complete the table in question 2 on the Racism Planning Sheet (PDF) Task: Click on this website and follow the directions: What is Race - The Power of an Illusion? • On the front page, - Click on the 10 circles to learn quick facts about race. • Click on the “Me, My Race and I” tab on the right hand side. - View all four slideshows. • Click on the “Go Deeper” link. - Read the section under "More things to consider" • Feel free to explore the rest of the website. more
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