How does multiculturalism contribute to competitive advantage for an organization?

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This was selected as Best Answer Hi Arslan, Multiculturalism brings you some valuable opportunities and rewards in the sustaining of a competitive advantage that should be considered as one of the main drivers to succeed in an enterprise global context. Let’s see why: - If your enterprise makes business in countries and markets where traditions, beliefs and even religion exerts their pressure over one particular market to become it too different from other, having managerial personal well adapted and connoisseur of the distinctive country’s peculiarities is a must if you want to sustain a competitive advantage in the global business context. - If you are working through companies conceptualized around different lines of products or business process, a multicultural driven approach is amply recommended. If one of your business lines is orientated to the development and marketing of high-technologies products you must encourage a corporate culture based in innovation, which should be ... more
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