How does PCH Treatment Center treat Self-Injurious Behavior?

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1 Answer

If you or your family member engage in any form of self injury or have thoughts of self-harm, it is very important to seek professional help. PCH Self Injury Treatment Center provides a supportive, caring, and non-judgmental environment where we will help determine the underlying dynamics behind the self-injury, as well as instilling healthier ways to cope and behaviors that are more adaptive and won't leave permanent scarring. The first step, however, is to move past the shame (and not to shame or blame your family member) and to seek appropriate treatment as soon as possible. Dr. Jeff Ball, the Executive and Clinical Director, has over 25 years of experience treating people with difficult psychological issues. He has assembled a highly qualified treatment team with expertise in working with self-injury and psychological trauma. When a person enters PCH Treatment Center, a thorough assessment is performed by a doctoral level psychologist. A proper diagnosis is made, and a ...
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