How does philosophy influence the curriculum?


How does philosophy influence the curriculum?

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• It gives meaning to the decisions and actions of curriculum workers. • The philosophy of the curriculum worker is reflected in his/her work. • Their life experiences, common sense, social and economic background, education, and general beliefs about people are brought into and reflected through their work. • The philosophy advocated or reflected by a particular school or business and its officials influences its goals and content as well as the organization of its curriculum! John Goodlad on Educational Philosophy • “Philosophy is the beginning point in curriculum decision making and is the basis for all subsequent decisions regarding curriculum.” • It helps curriculum developers to answer questions such as: • What subjects are of value, • How students learn, and • What methods and materials to use? • It also provides them with a basis for dealing with precise tasks and for making such decisions as what workbooks, textbooks, or other cognitive and non-cognitive activities to utilize

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