How does pollution have an effect on the human body?

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Pollution often equals poison. Gases like carbon monodixode cause sever headaches and even death. Too much CO2 is fatal. Sulfuric acid is found in acid rain and it tends to hurt more trees then people, but if you breathed it in it would hurt your lungs. The CO1 actually binds with hemoglobin making it harder for the blood to transmit vital oxygen to the body. The major problem that smog gives to people is in those who suffer from asthma, allergies or other sicknesses that compromise their lungs; the smog only makes those diseases worse. Mercury in fish is a major concern and most pregnant women are advised to avoid eating a lot of fish. There are all sorts of toxins lose in the water from radioactive waste in the Columbia River to arsenic from mine tailings. Those are just a few of the sources of pollution that can hurt humans and what they do varies with the pollution type. You can breathe in too much CO1 and C02 so that you don’t’ get enough oxygen; but the most common effect is ... more
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