How does Progressive lenses work?

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1 Answer

In order for progressive lenses to work successfully, time and coordination would be needed. Strong plus wearers are sometimes having difficulty with shifting from distance or reading correction to progressive lenses. The key factor for wearing progressive lenses matters from minutes to a few days, a proper fitting and explanation from your eye care practitioner helps you understand the wonder of this. To see clearly in all distances with the progressive, an eye and head coordination is a must. The upper portion of the lens is for distance, the middle part is for computer. Therefore you just have to tilt your chin a bit higher and focus on the middle portion of the lens. Reading is on the lowest portion of the lens, so look on the lowest part where your chin is slightly tilted up as well and you will see clearly. When you are going down the stairs with the progressive, you have to position your head a bit down and focus on the upper portion of the lens. If not, a slightly curve ... more
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