How does Royal Jelly patients with ulcer (gastroenterology)?

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A number of physicians have observed that royal jelly heals ulcers. Perhaps this universal observation is due to the fact that it is a rich source of pantothenic acid, a vitamin well known to induce healing. It may be royal jelly’s cortisone-like action that is responsible. Regardless of the mechanism of action the fact is royal jelly greatly aids in the healing of stomach and intestinal ulcers. Plus, it is safe to take with medications. Disorders of the intestines respond well to royal jelly because it nourishes the colonic and intestinal cells, which induce rebuilding and regeneration. Stress is a major cause of colitis attracks. This is directly related to weak adrenal function. The direct action of royal jelly on the adrenal glands may aid in reversing this condition. Thus, the regular intake of royal jelly increases the tolerance to stress, which reduces the incidence of stress-induced colitis attacks. This means that the individual is better able to cope. What’s more, by ... more
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