How Does Smoking Affect the Liver?

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1 Answer

Functions of the Liver The liver is basically the body's filter. The function of the liver is to process medications, alcohol, and other such chemicals and toxins and remover them from the body. Therefore, anything you put into your body will at some point, and in some form, be dealt with by the liver. Over time, excessive drinking of alcohol, excessive smoking, or excessive drug use can severely harm your liver. Liver disease of any sort is incredibly dangerous, as the body cannot function properly without a working liver. Smoking and the Body Smoking is harmful to virtually every organ in your body. There are over 60 chemicals in cigarette smoke that cause cancer in the human body. These chemicals have the potential to affect and disturb all parts of the human anatomy. One general disturbance caused by cigarette smoke is that it decreases the capacity of the red blood cells to carry oxygen to the vital organs of the body, including the liver. This prevents oxygen and nutrients in ... more
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