How does Sombra Work?


Sombra is a topical anesthetic that has a cooling effect by depressing cutaneous sensory receptors. When these natural ingredients are combined together in precise amounts, they have an agreeable effect that detoxifies tight joints, relieves arthritic pain, muscle soreness and inflammation and gives immediate relief to back pain. Unique to some analgesics sold on the market today, Sombra contains no waxes, oils, artificial colors, or other chemicals. Made from carefully-selected botanical extracts and other natural ingredients for the safest result, this product is a blend of plant extracts with a refreshing scent of Orange Peel and Witch Hazel and the deep heating strength of Menthol. Sombra products are not sold in stores so buy now from Wisdom and Health. Buy online or call us at 1-715-287-5282 for further details. Your journey to better health starts here!