How does the client proofing work in my BluDomain template?

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1 Answer

Please keep in mind that the proofing section on your bludomain site is not a shopping cart where clients can actually order their images. It is, rather, a way that your clients can access their images in a format that is consistent with the galleries on your site – they do not have to go to another link to view their images. You will be able to create unlimited galleries each with unlimited images within the database of your site and you can assign a password to each gallery you create. The client will be able to click on the proofing button on your site which will open up a text page where you can provide an explanation of how the section works and the client can enter their password. Once the client submits their password correctly they will go to a gallery with all their images in it. They can browse through the images in slideshow format or they can pause the slideshow and browse using the thumbnails. Each image will have it’s name displayed so that the client can record their ...
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