How does the dining dollars system work?

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Dining Dollars are part of many meal plans. They can also be purchased by students or staff. Dining Dollars may be charged to the university bill. Your u-card is needed to access Dining Dollars. • Accepted at 23rd Street Market, Biscotti's, Apple Cart, Commodities, Crunch Break and Maucker Union restaurants, Essentials, Piazza and Rialto. • Used only for food and beverage purchases • Can be used at the dining center to pay for a guest's or your own meal. • Additional Dining Dollars may be purchased online. • Dining Dollar balances are available online or at any time by asking a cashier in a dining operation. Dining Dollars are not intended to replace a meal plan or to provide a refund for any meal students may miss on a meal plan. Dining Dollars are not transferable, saleable or refundable. If you cancel your meal plan, you will be charged for the dining dollars you have used. Dining Dollar balances left at the end of the fall semester will carry over to spring semester. Dining ...
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