How does the disease SARS affect the body?

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1 Answer

SARS is severe acute respiratory syndrome. It causes high fever, body aches and respiratory problems similar to pneumonia. In people with weakened immune systems it can even cause death if not treated. SARS is highly contagious. Can any kind of animal get a human pregnant, or the other way around? No. In order for an organism to develop there must be two set of chromosomes in the cells. Because the body organizes its genetic material into chromosomes that means there must be two sets of chromosomes that match, one from mom and one from dad. In humans we have 46 chromosomes, 23 come from mom and 23 come from dad. Each chromosome matches a chromosome from the other parent. For example, chromosome 1 in humans may code for eyes, so each chromosome 1 from mom and dad work together to make the child’s eye color. It is not possible for humans to have children with animals because for one there are a different number of chromosomes and the chromosomes will not pair up together. Even in the ... more
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