How does the location of earthquakes and volcanoes compare to the location of mid-ocean ridges and trenches?

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What can you surmise about the structure of the lithosphere? It s made of plates Education Element: TUTORIAL Plate boundaries and Plate Tectonic Tutorial http://observe.ivv.nasa.gov/nasa/earth/tectonics/Tectonics2.html EXPLORE Plates that carry continents are called continental plates while those that don t are called oceanic plates. Examine a map of plate boundaries. Which plates are continental plates? Which is the largest plate? What are the three types of possible interactions between plates? Colliding = Convergent boundary Separating = Divergent boundary Passing by = Transform Investigation of plate boundaries • Cover two blocks of clay with aluminum foil. These represent plates. Make one block larger than the other. Which one represents the oceanic plate? Continental Plate? • Push the two plates together. Observe the area of contact and record observations in journal • Smooth out the blocks. • Brush the two plate passed each other. • Observe the area of contact and record ... more
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