How does the MDVIP program work?

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1 Answer

MDVIP affiliated practices are limited to no more than 600 patients in order to provide highly personalized and comprehensive preventive care and wellness services to all patients. These highly personalized services cannot be provided in most traditional primary practices which typically have between 2,000 and 4,000 patients. A physician in a typical practice of 2,500 patients could not give a comprehensive annual physical to all of his or her patients, as to do so would require 2,500 hours, or one year to complete. A physician in a traditional primary care setting would therefore be unable to deliver any care to patients other than the physical examination. However, in a practice of no more than 600 patients, MDVIP-affiliated physicians have the time to provide extensive preventive care and wellness programs, as well as care for acute and chronic illness. They are also able to provide a new focus on individualized attention and lifestyle planning.
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